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Employee Engagement

Influencing and supporting employees to create value

How we work

Brunswick's unique combination of abilities provides a fully integrated approach to employment engagement.

Access: We gather insight

before and after activation to make sure our support delivers the engagement and business outcomes you want to achieve. Our global team includes insight specialists who bring the latest thinking on employee, consumer and political research to our clients. 

Advise: We partner with you

to determine the right engagement outcomes , and the engagement strategy and plan that will achieve them. Our global team includes colleagues who have in-house employee engagement, communications and HR teams.

Activate: We develop and implement

creative and impactful campaigns that deliver the engagement strategy to achieve your business and engagement outcomes. Our global team includes digital and creative professionals, former journalists and content creators of the highest calibre.

Engagement is a behavioural outcome
You know your employees are engaged when they’re purposefully operating and behaving in ways that create value. Why? Because they believe they’re contributing to something truly meaningful. They want to play their part and understand exactly how they can do that.
Simplicity and creativity are vital
Reaching employees has never been easier. Connecting with them has never been harder. We believe it’s vital to make things simple and to cut through the noise to get people’s attention, using the most creative – and sometimes surprising – consumer engagement techniques.
There is no ‘one size fits all’
Your engagement requirements are unique. While it’s important to learn from best practice in other companies and industries, our starting point is always to create a tailored engagement strategy and plan. One that will achieve and measure your specific engagement and business outcomes.
External is as important as internal
The boundaries between internal and external engagement have blurred. Employees are as likely to view your CEO’s LinkedIn profile as a communications channel as they are your company intranet. Our engagement strategies are built to be inside-out and outside-in.
It all starts with leadership
We coach and support leaders to be more engaged and more engaging. We know that every day, employees are asking their leaders: “what do you think?” And we want to help your company’s leaders respond confidently, constructively and consistently.

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