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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Cyber security, real expertise

Become cyber resilient

Our network of security advisers, regulators, lawyers, media, politicians, analysts, investors and NGOs is unparalleled. Our relationships give our clients insight into the views of their most important stakeholders.

Data Breach Debrief

Learn how Under Armour’s response to a cyber attack achieved the seemingly impossible: Rather than fueling outrage, it actually drew praise. 

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Brunswick Group advises global clients on how to ensure their reputational resilience in the face of evolving cyber risks.

Cyber Crisis Preparedness

  • Assess business risks and reputational impacts of cyber attacks
  • Plan, exercise, and implement corporate-wide strategy for different cyber crises
  • Prepare company leadership and employees to lead through cyber crises

Cyber Crisis Response

  • Develop integrated, rapid-response strategy in alignment across business
  • Deploy coordinated company-wide response to engage all key internal and external stakeholders

Cyber Thought Leadership

  • Understand evolving policy and regulatory landscape
  • Lead the conversation on critical policy issues

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