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We are excited to announce the 2022 release of Brunswick’s annual Connected Leadership study.

We asked 6,400 employees and financial readers across 7 markets about their expectations of corporate leaders. Bolstering these findings, we conducted 16 in-depth interviews with best-in-class Connected Leaders and their teams from leading companies around the world.

The data uncovered that stakeholders expect executives to use social media to lead. But it has never been more important to get it right.

The line that once sat between what is online and offline has been permanently erased. Leaders who understand the importance of communicating online build authentic, trusted platforms that advance business objectives and lead to tangible, real-world outcomes. From recruiting new talent, to fostering investor and media relations, to leading through crises, investing in effective Connected Leadership is now a business imperative.

Download the full report here or scroll down for our research highlights.



1) Stakeholders expect Connected Leadership. Majorities of employees and financial readers expect corporate leaders to use online platforms to communicate about a range of issues — from the company’s mission, vision, and values to crisis response.

2) Connected Leadership is key to employee engagement. Employees prefer to work for Connected Leaders by a 4 to 1 ratio. Direct and transparent leadership communications are leading factors for employee retention.

3) Connected Leadership is a competitive advantage – online and offline. Executives cite a range of tangible benefits resulting from their online platforms, including complementing traditional investor relations and advancing public affairs objectives.

4) Authentic Connected Leadership builds trust. Financial readers trust leaders who use social media by a 6 to 1 ratio compared to those who do not. Authenticity is key to building this reservoir of trust before it is needed. 

5) Effective Connected Leadership requires strategy and resources. Top Connected Leaders take their programs seriously and strategically, investing resources in staff, content, and analytics. However, their programs do not require significant time from executives themselves. Top executives on social media spend on average between 30 – 60 minutes per week on their platforms.

News You Can Use

LinkedIn Rolls Out Updates For Creators

LinkedIn unveiled some new tools for Creators, including updated performance metrics, enhanced demographics analytics, and modified subscription and profile features. Analyze the more robust data to optimize content and edit content and profile photos with the new features to cut through the noise online.

Instagram Revamps Algorithm

With a focus on prioritizing Creators, Instagram’s ranking will favor original content over re-posted content. Post original content wherever possible across platforms and save re-shares for select posts that are highly relevant.


Instagram Expands Length of Reels

As short-form video continues to resonate with audiences, Instagram increased the 60-second time limit on Reels to 90 seconds for Creators. With the popularity of video content increasing, test out interesting video formats like Reels, GIFs, Lives, Stories, and motion graphics.

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Craig Mullaney

Craig M. Mullaney
Partner, Brunswick Group
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