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The past year has surfaced a new set of challenges for business leaders and their teams. Social media has been a valuable channel for many executives to communicate through those challenges – from sharing progress on DE&I issues to navigating the return to office.  

But, in vast organizations, how can one executive adequately champion all of the company’s messages to a broad set of stakeholders? 

No matter how great an executive is, their voice alone cannot do it all. That’s why in this month’s newsletter, we outline how to build a successful, collaborative digital program for the entire C-suite. When an executive team shares the limelight, uses digital platforms to uplift each other, and comes together for big moments, everyone benefits.

ICYMI: Here’s my post from last year on how leaders can go public with their praise, just in time for the approaching holiday season.

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Increasingly, executives and their teams have been asking me how to activate teams of leaders beyond the CEO online—and with good reason. Our 2021 Digital Investor Survey found that 1 out of 2 investors use digital platforms to hear from members of the C-suite, making a leadership team’s presence on social media essential.

So, how can companies activate an entire C-suite online in a way that is streamlined, efficient, and effective? The key is to think of them as a choir, allowing leaders to have solos and to come together harmoniously for milestone moments.

Learn how to form a winning chorus from your leadership team.

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News You Can Use

Instagram Launches “Collabs”

This new feature lets users co-author Feed Posts and Reels with other accounts, share engagements, and live on both authors’ Profile Grids. Use co-authored content with other C-suite members, peers, or the corporate page to expand the reach of key content moments.


Instagram Adds Scheduling And "Practice Mode" For Lives

Users can now schedule Instagram Live Videos up to 90 days in advance via a Feed Post and followers can set up multiple reminders to join. Creators will soon be able to join guests before the Live session to test their connection, lighting, etc. Promote events ahead of time and do a few test runs using Practice Mode, once available.

Twitter Unveils Multi-Destination Carousels

Now available to all advertisers globally, this feature allows advertisers to drive users to unique landing pages on each creative card with customized headlines for web destinations. If you’re not already, utilize carousels. The eye-catching format typically receives higher click-through-rates than other formats.

Clubhouse Announces Room Recordings And Support For New Languages

Following a similar announcement for Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse users can now view audio sessions after the event ends through Replays (if enabled by the host ahead of the session). The platform also added support for 13 local languages. As audio-only features remain popular, test out Clubhouse to listen and learn from key stakeholders.

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