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In any digital leadership program, the most valuable asset is a business leader’s time. But among the most common reasons I hear as to why business leaders aren’t on social media is that they don’t have enough time. This is especially characteristic of this summer where vacations, remote working, new COVID-19 policies limiting in-person gatherings, and the postponement of reopening plans have left leaders and their teams even more strapped for content-production time.

In this month’s newsletter, we explore how executives and their teams can maximize the ROI of both executives’ time and their content.


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As communications professionals (and parents) know all too well, messages must be seen or heard 10-20 times to be remembered. That’s why it’s so important for executives to maintain a consistent posting cadence on social media to ensure key stakeholders remember them and their most important messages.

However, many executives and their teams have expressed to me how challenging it can be to gin up enough content to satisfy demand. The secret is to establish a deliberate method of slicing and dicing content into small, digestible pieces to extend the lifecycle.

Learn how you can make your content work for you—and not the other way around.

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News You Can Use

Instagram Retires The Swipe Up In Favor Of New Stories Stickers

Only users who are verified and/or have at least 10,000 followers can access this function. Use link stickers to drive traffic and engagement, as followers can now respond to these linked Stories.

Instagram Automatically Translates Text In Stories

Audiences can now tap on a Story to translate text into over 90 languages, though, as of right now, translations are only available for text with no capacity for direct audio conversion. Keep accessibility front of mind – use concise copy, add text in-app vs. embedded to the image, and add audio captions.

Facebook To Test "Facebook Reels" In The US

Users in the U.S. can use music from Facebook’s music library, a variety of effects, and editing tools to enhance content. Utilize short videos to maximize the visibility of your content across available surfaces.

Twitter Spaces Adds Co-Host Option To Help Moderate And Manage Rooms

Twitter continues to develop and improve their Spaces feature, with more options than ever to facilitate two-way audio. If you haven’t already – pilot an audio session on Spaces or another platform to get familiar with the format.

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