Intelligence in a National Security Context: Diplomacy and Intelligence

The sixtieth TISS conference's second day will focus on the teaching of intelligence within the context of the study of national security.

Maren Brooks will be speaking at the panel 'Diplomacy and Intelligence', which will focus on methodologies being used by scholars that have useful applications for intelligence analysis. 

TISS, now celebrating its sixtieth anniversary, has long focused on security studies, undertaking research, engaging the public, and contributing to the education of PhD, Masters, and undergraduate students through its programs. Its recent designation as an Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence (ICCAE) has led faculty to think in still more focused fashion about intelligence. The goal of this conference will be to consider the relationship between intelligence and security, and to explore how
best to contribute to the success of these vital missions. The working assumption of the conference is that thinking about these fields holistically should be the cornerstone of our efforts. Find out more about the event here

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