Growing Divide in Opinions of Chinese Businesses Between Developed and Emerging Markets

Brunswick’s latest annual report analyzing global perceptions of Chinese businesses finds a widening divide in opinions of Chinese businesses between the developed and emerging worlds.

Brunswick surveyed the public of 23 countries where Chinese firms have significant investments and ambitions for growth, and 300 senior leaders at Chinese companies that have either already expanded internationally or plan to do so soon. The report anticipates that the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate many of the trends Brunswick has tracked across three waves of global research. Despite the unprecedented challenges and uncertainty in the global economy, Chinese companies will continue pursuing growth opportunities in international markets.

The research finds a growing divide in opinions of Chinese businesses, with emerging economies increasingly welcoming to Chinese investment while developed markets are seeing a decline in trust. Further, the growing gap between how Chinese firms are perceived abroad and how they see themselves can negatively impact the long-term prospects of their success overseas. The research shows that in order to build trust, Chinese companies need to tell their story to build awareness and understanding of their businesses. 

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