Angela Merkel's big political finale: Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the EU

Strong leadership needed for a stronger Europe

The presidency of the EU council rotates every six months, meaning that each EU member state takes on the responsibility every 13 years. Each country holding the presidency then sets the agenda and drives the negotiation of compromises between EU member states alongside the President of the European Council. While the presidency has an important role in structuring the agenda, it is obliged to take on a more neutral stance to facilitate negotiations. Angela Merkel is one of the few leaders who will take on the role for a second time, from July 1 to the end of this year – she was also Chancellor back in 2007 when Germany last held the position. Once again, Merkel’s aim will be to close as many negotiations on pressing issues as possible, which will be essential if Europe is to emerge effectively from the current crisis.

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